Embroidery Setup (digitizing) Charges Explained

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Lately we’ve got a ton of questions about embroidery setup fees! Some folks wonder whether set-up charges are a one-time fee or if they need to pay this fee with each order. The simple answer is we only charge set-up (digitizing) fees once per logo. This article will explain how embroidery setup fees work in more detail: Why Does Embroidery Require a Setup Fee? A printing process applies inks or […]

Expert Picks: Best Custom Bags for 2020

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This time of year, businesses look for holiday gifts for clients and employees. Marketing professionals recommend custom bags, backpacks, and cotton totes. Gift bags filled with office supplies are the perfect gift for stay-at-home workers once emptied of office supplies. Custom bags are seen by thousands of potential customers and used for an average of 11 months. Bags are perfect for use as beach totes or personalized shopping totes when […]

Our Most Popular Custom Face Mask Gets a Facelift

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Our most popular custom face mask the Valucap VC19 is now available in 12 amazing colors. If you are new to shopping for face coverings the Valucap VC19 is a two-ply (meaning 2 layers of fabric) face mask that is popular because its cool, has just the right amount of stretch for a comfortable fit and it’s affordable starting at just $6 printed with a single color logo. Upload Your […]

Custom Face Masks: A Guide For Small Business

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Most people consider wearing face masks in public places as just good manners. Asian cultures have embraced public use of face masks for years. Crowded cities, air pollution, and a number of virus scares such as the 2002 SARS outbreak, and the 2006 bird flu panic have made public mask use common as wearing a hat or sunglasses. Local health departments across the United States now mandate the use of […]

Top Custom Face Masks for 2020

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Everyone thinks that selling face masks is the path to riches these days. Social media is awash with ads for masks of dubious quality for sale. We recently saw a mask ad from a place that sells vacuum cleaners! We sell only corporate apparel That means we offer face mask styles that are available today, tomorrow, and next year. Our custom face masks with your logo are responsibly sourced from […]

Custom Face Masks Available Now!

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Our team has spent their coronavirus quarantine cooking up a way for you to buy custom printed masks on the Corporate Casuals web site. Face coverings protect your employees and customers from the spread of disease. This does not mean you have to resort to sterile looking blue surgical masks. We offer a full line of business casual face masks that reassure and connect with your customers. How do I […]

Corporate Casuals Ultimate Guide to Embroidery

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This guide will teach you everything you need to create professional-looking embroidered apparel. First, you need an image of your logo Customers who are not photoshop wizards will visit their own web site, right-click over their logo and select Save Image As… You will end up with a logo file that looks like this one (larger the better). You then upload this file to our site and we will take […]

Corporate Casuals – Fresh New Look

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As you have probably noticed our site has a fresh new look. We have added thousands of new products and a ton of features to make buying embroidered apparel easier than ever. We also do a better job supporting both small and large screens. New and Improved Product catalog Our new site contains close to 3000 styles. You will discover everything from embroidered jackets to embroidered backpacks in our new […]

CustomInk? No…Better Than CustomInk

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So you typed “CustomInk” into Google and clicked on this page? Congratulations! We’re going to save you a ton of money and provide the best customer experience ever! We carry the same products as CustomInk. We decorate those products in a modern production facility in Concord Massachusetts. We have been embroidering apparel well before CustomInk was even a gleam in some venture capitalists eyes…more than 35 years. Our prices are […]

Get Noticed With Custom Embroidered Apparel

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Americans love their promotional products. For over 200 years promotional products have been a powerful tool for small business to get noticed. In this era of 24-hour news, reality TV, and Netflix its harder than ever to get consumers attention. We believe that this 200-year-old advertising medium is still the best value for your advertising dollar. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Lets start by considering the cost of acquiring a new […]