Embroidery Setup (digitizing) Charges Explained

Lately we’ve got a ton of questions about embroidery setup fees! Some folks wonder whether set-up charges are a one-time fee or if they need to pay this fee with each order. The simple answer is we only charge set-up (digitizing) fees once per logo. This article will explain how embroidery setup fees work in more detail:

Why Does Embroidery Require a Setup Fee?

A printing process applies inks or dyes to fabric to produce a logo. Embroidery uses threads stitched by specialized embroidery sewing equipment to reproduce your logo. There is no technology available that will automatically convert printed artwork into a series of stitches. Many companies have tried with rather poor results. We use talented embroidery artists (digitizers) to convert your logo into a stitch file required by our sewing equipment.

How Much Does it Cost to Convert My Logo to Embroidery?

It costs $35. This is a one-time fee you will see added to your shopping cart. Future orders will not charge a setup fee if you use a logo that has been set up previously. The stitch file is yours you can download it anytime. Some shops require a “tape charge” (usually $10-20) if you want a copy of your stitch file. This policy is very common on websites that give you “free setup” (was it really free…hmmm?).

Can I Make Changes to My Logo?

Yes! First is the thread colors. At Corporate Casuals we have an online proofing system that lets you change thread colors until you turn blue.

By special request, we can remove blocks of stitches in your logo. For example, this logo has a tagline that won’t fit on a hat. We can remove the tagline and upload a new stitch file that will fit on a hat.

This logo is 3 Inches tall and won’t fit on a hat
We can remove the tagline and it fits on a hat..no charge for this type of edit

This star and text in this logo would look really nice stacked on a polo shirt left chest. Again we can modify your original logo and provide a new stitch file for your polo shirt orders (free).

Moving around existing elements is free

What Changes Require a Setup/Edit Fee?

Any time you add new elements or need to resize elements from an existing stitch file. For example, if you wanted to take this left chest logo and make it 5 inches wide it would require a setup fee. And it would require a lot of stitches too!

Resizing this logo would require a completely new setup