Get Noticed With Custom Embroidered Apparel

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Americans love their promotional products. For over 200 years promotional products have been a powerful tool for small business to get noticed. In this era of 24-hour news, reality TV, and Netflix its harder than ever to get consumers attention. We believe that this 200-year-old advertising medium is still the best value for your advertising dollar.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Lets start by considering the cost of acquiring a new customer. Here are some estimates of how much it costs to acquire a customer for several industries:

  • Consumer Goods: $22
  • Manufacturing: $83
  • Transportation: $98
  • Marketing Agency: $141
  • Financial: $175
  • Technology (Hardware): $182
  • Real Estate: $213
  • Banking/Insurance: $303
  • Telecom: $315
  • Technology (Software): $395

For a few of these segments the first thing you will notice if you do some “napkin math” is that signing up a new customer does not generate positive cashflow. The only way to make money from these customer is to retain them for some period of time. The amount of revenue generated while someone is your customer is called the “Customer Lifetime Value” (LTV).

How Does Custom Embroidered Apparel Fit In?

Embroidered promotional apparel is a cost effective tool for both acquiring a customer and retaining them. A recent survey asked consumers how they felt about receiving promotional product with an advertising message:

  • 83% of American consumers surveyed like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message
  • 48% would like to receive promotional products more often
  • 38% feel promotional products serve as a constant reminder of the advertiser

Brand Recall

The same survey asked resondents to recall information about a promotional product they’d received in the past 2 years. A whopping 77% recalled three key pieces of information about the brand!

Staying Power

The same survey showed how seamlessly promotional products fit into the lives of respondents.

  • 89% of people can recall the advertiser even 2 years after receiving an embroidered promotional item!
  • 91% had at least one promotional product in their kitchen
  • 74% had at least one promotional product in their work area
  • 55% had at least one promotional product in their bedroom closet/storage space

Embroidered promotional apparel is used far longer than you might expect. The average promotional item is used just over a year. Embroidered Jackets and sweatshirts are used almost 18 months.

number of months embroidered apparel is kept in months jackets - 16, sweatshirts - 16, tshirts - 14, polos - 13, bags - 11, hats - 10

The takeaway is that your customer likes embroidered promotional apparel, they will use it for a very long time and will (most importantly) remember the company that gave it to them! That’s a great recipe for customer acquisition and retention.

Embroidered Promotional Items We Recommend

Embroidered Hats – We offer traditional baseball hats and flexfit hats embroidered around $10 in quantity. Embroidered beanies are an especially cost-effective item coming in under $5 in quantity.

Embroidered Polo Shirts – There are quite literally thousands of polo shirt styles to choose from. We have been in business for over 35 years and have narrowed the selection to a few styles we really like. A quality house brand polo generally runs under $15 in quantity

k500 series of polo shirts
K500, L500, K500P, K500LS, K500LSP, K500LS

Corporate Casuals has been in the promotional embroidery business for over 35 years. We run a modern production facility in Concord, MA. Our team consists of long term highly skilled industry professionals that want to make your company look great. Give us a call 866-369-5935 we’d love to chat.