Our Most Popular Custom Face Mask Gets a Facelift

Our most popular custom face mask the Valucap VC19 is now available in 12 amazing colors.

If you are new to shopping for face coverings the Valucap VC19 is a two-ply (meaning 2 layers of fabric) face mask that is popular because its cool, has just the right amount of stretch for a comfortable fit and it’s affordable starting at just $6 printed with a single color logo.

Upload Your Logo Right on the Product Page

You can drag and drop (or click the Upload icon) your logo right onto the product page and instantly see what it will look like. We automatically convert your artwork into a single color that can be changed with the “Logo Color” icon.

VC19 product page

Here’s a pro tip…see that magnifying glass icon with the plus sign? Click it and you can get a supersize mockup of your custom mask!

supersize mask mockup

That download icon in the top right corner? You can click it to download a JPG file of your logo right on the mask. Real-time mockups is a feature you will only find at Corporate Casuals.

Some Quick Notes On Artwork for Masks

To get great looking custom masks, you need to start with great looking artwork. Additionally, there are some rules you need to follow when printing on masks.

Rule 1: No small details

For this example, you see lots of tiny details that can be difficult to reproduce. In this example the lettering is thin, and the trademark symbol is too small to reproduce well.

mask logo that will print poorly
Tiny details in this logo are hard to print

Rule 2: Large bold areas work best

The solution for the problematic Hawks logo shown above was to “stack” the logo which makes everything larger. The additional benefit is that this logo will work better in both the center and cheek locations

stacked mask logo
Large bold areas will print well

Rule 3: Provide Vector-Based Artwork

Raster graphics uses colored pixels to represent your logo. Vector graphics uses a series of mathematical paths that determines the general shape of your logo. Vector graphics allow your logo to be resized to any dimension.

raster vs vector comparison
Upload raster larger than 2000 pixels for best results

This example you can that the raster graphic looks fuzzy when you make it larger. When you upload a logo use a large (2000+ pixels) raster graphic in JPG or PNG format.

If you provide small raster graphics that won’t print well we generally charge a small one time fee to convert your logo (unless its a simple logo). If you have a vector version of your logo email it to after you place your order and we will use it.